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CMOS-Bio Interface for Neurotechnology, Machine Intelligence, and Data Archiving

We develop highly scalable nano-bio, bioelectronic, and/or electrochemical interfaces with biological cells and molecules on CMOS integrated circuits for applications in biology, medicine, biotechnology, and computing. For example, we have recently developed a breakthrough CMOS nanoelectrode array  that performs massively parallel intracellular recording of thousands of connected mammalian neurons—which had been a great technological pursuit in neurobiology, but had been difficult to achieve—, enabling high-throughput mapping of the synaptic connectivity of the mammalian neuronal network. We are now further advancing this unprecedented neurobiology tool for fundamental and applied works, in particular, for functional connectome mapping, high-throughput drug screening for neurological disorder, brain-machine interface, neuromorphic engineering, and machine intelligence. For another example, we are developing a high density CMOS microelectrode array that electrochemically drives highly parallel DNA synthesis for ultra-high density data storage. 

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